Working on
 the future
 of simulation

I am an Aerospace Engineer with a passion for software development. My unique set of skills in modeling and computing have lead me to do research and profesionally develop software for physics simulation. Most recently, I have applied these skills at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where I am a developer for a robotic simulation toolkit used in the development of NASA missions.

Education & Experience





Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Robotics Technologist, Simulation Software Developer at DARTS Lab


As a full-time software developer at the DARTS Lab, I proposed, designed, and implemented a plethora of architecture improvements to make the toolkit easier to use and maintain. I also engaged in implementing physics simulation models and designing simulations for future space missions.

University of Colorado Boulder

Visiting scholar at the Autonomous Vehicle Systems (AVS) Lab.


While writing my Mater's thesis, became a recurrent contributor and maintainer of the "Basilisk" toolkit, an open-source simulation tool widely used in academia and industry for the development of space missions.

Delft University of Technology

MSc. Aerospace Engineering, Space Exploration. Avg: 8.9 / 10 (cum laude).


As a part of the prestigious Spaceflight track at TUDelft, the Space Exploration profile offers a challenging study plan for students who want to pursue a career in astrodynamics, modeling and simulation, mission design and space science.

Carlos III University of Madrid

Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering. Avg: 9.11 / 10.


It provided me with a great physical and mathematical background, as well as a strong work ethic. Carlos III is a demanding and innovative university at the forefront of space engineering, regularly attracting the greatest minds in the field.


Computer Modeling & Simulation, Numerical Optimization, Astrodynamics, Trajectory Design

C++, Python, Matlab, C, Java

English (Full professional proficiency),

Spanish (Native),

French (Elementary proficiency)